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Longtai teaches you fire safety knowledge - fire prevention common sense

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1. The children of education don't play with fire, and don't play with electrical equipment.

2. Don't throw cigarette butts on the bed and smoke.

3. Do not pull the wires in a random way, and the circuit fuse should not be replaced by copper or wire.

4. Do not store more than 0.5 liter of gasoline, alcohol, water and other inflammable and explosive goods.

5. When lighting fires, don't look for objects with bright lighting.

6. Before leaving home or before going to bed, check whether the appliances are without power, whether the gas valve is closed and whether the open flame is extinguished.

7. Do not stack the clutter in the corridor or the stairway, to ensure the passage and safe exit.

8. When gas leakage is found, the valve should be turned off quickly and the doors and Windows should be opened and ventilated. Do not touch the electric switch and use the open flame, and inform the professional maintenance department to handle it promptly.

9. The liquid gas residue cannot be dumped at will.

Fire safety knowledge - fire extinguishing common sense

1. Find fire quickly call fire alarm 119. When calling the police, please tell the detailed address, fire site, fire material, fire size, name and telephone number of the police, and send people to the intersection to wait for the fire truck.

2. The gas tank is on fire. Cover the fire with damp bedding and clothing, and close the valve quickly.

3. When household appliances or lines catch fire, cut off the power supply first, then put out the fire with dry powder or gas extinguisher, and do not put out the water directly to prevent the electric shock or electric appliances from exploding.

4. Do not open doors and Windows when fighting fire, so as to avoid air convection and accelerate the spread of fire.

Fire safety knowledge - dry powder fire extinguisher use method

1. Before using, shake the fire extinguisher several times to make the bottle dry.

2. Unplug the insurance pin and press down the pressure on the root of the flame.

3. In the process of fire fighting, the upright state shall always be maintained and no horizontal or inverted use;

4. Prevent reburning after fire.



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