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What does longtai tell you about fire safety?

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Fire safety knowledge - escape saving common sense

1. Get out quickly when the fire strikes. Don't be greedy for belongings.

2. Family members should know the basic method of fire escape and familiarize themselves with several escape routes.

3. When threatened by the fire, you should put on the wet clothes, bedding, etc. to rush out in the direction of the safe exit.

Try to keep your body close to the ground and cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel as you escape through the smoke.

5. Fire on the body, do not run, can roll on the spot or use heavy clothing pressure fire.

6. When a fire is not in an elevator, escape to safety exit.

Do not open the door when the door is burning, just in case the fire is in the room. Use wet bedding, clothing, etc. to block doors and Windows, and splash water to cool down.

If all escape routes are blocked by the fire, immediately return to the room and send out a distress signal to the window by flashlight, clothing and call, waiting for rescue.

9, don't blindly jump off a building, use ladders, balcony, drains and other escape, or tear sheet, bedding bag into strips into ropes, bolts on the window frame, bars and other fixed objects, suitable and slid down the rope, or down to the floor of not fire out of the woods yet.



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