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Common problems

Selection of fire equipment

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1. Save A fire as A solid burning fire should be selected water type, foam, ammonium phosphate powder, halogenated type fire extinguisher. Class A fire: A solid fire. This substance tends to have organic properties, which usually produce glowing embers when burned. Such as wood, cotton, wool, hemp, paper fire, etc.

2 class B the liquid fire, fighting and can melt the solid matter of fire should be chosen type dry powder, foam, halogenated, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (here it is important to note that chemical foam extinguisher fire cannot destroy the class B soluble solvent polarity, because chemical foam and organic solvent by touch, foam will quickly be absorbed, make bubble disappear very quickly, so you can't play the role of fire extinguishing. Alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, esters and other belong to a polar solvent). Class B fire: liquid fire and molten solid fire. Such as gasoline, kerosene, crude oil, methanol, ethanol, asphalt, etc.

3. Fire extinguisher C fire shall be used as dry powder, halogen and carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Class C fire: gas fire. Such as coal, gas, methane, ethane, etc.

4. Save D fire is the fire of metal burning. In the case of China, there is no set fire extinguisher products. The fire extinguishers in the foreign countries are mainly powder - mounted graphite extinguishers and fire - extinguishing metal fire extinguishers. Dry sand or cast-iron foam can be used to extinguish the fire extinguisher at home. Class D fire: metal fire. Such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, titanium, aluminum magnesium alloy and so on.

5. The fire of save E should be used to use phosphate powder and halogenated type fire extinguisher. Class E fire: a fire that refers to a charged object. Electric equipment, such as generator room, transformer room, distribution room, instrument instrument room and electronic computer room, can not be in time or without power.

6. Save F fire, that is, cooking utensil (animal and vegetable oil) fire. Water, foam and water containing substances should be used to extinguish the fire.



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