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Common problems

Easy to ignore fire hazards

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In our lives, seemingly placid and safe surfaces often lurk worrying fire hazards that are often overlooked. If we can start from these small places, we can get rid of the hidden danger and bring more insurance and reassurance to our life.

1. Lack of common sense of fire safety, fire awareness is weak. Do not use fire extinguishers when the fire occurs, do not know to call the alarm in time, the fire does not know the simple fire escape knowledge.

2. While the decoration is becoming more and more luxurious, a lot of flammable materials are used.

3. Illegal use of electrical appliances. The multiplication of household appliances has led to a sharp increase in the use of electricity. If it exceeds the carrying capacity of the original electrical circuit and switch, it can easily cause fire or local fever, which can lead to fire. In addition, the electric wire has long been heated, dampness, loss of insulation ability, disrepair, aging or breakage of the insulation layer, and the chaos of the pull, resulting in the short circuit of the wire, which can also easily lead to fire.

4. Family life is a mistake. If the cooking oil is used in cooking, if the heating time is too long, when the temperature exceeds the spontaneous combustion point of oil, the flame will also burn.

5, regular inspection on gas cookers don't break, (e.g., valves, gaskets, rubber hose breakage), lead to gas leakage, or operation is not standard (e.g., lay down the cylinder, high temperature baking, close the valve not in time after using, etc.), also easy cause burst into flames.

6. Keep flammable and explosive items in your home. As motorbikes and cars are increasingly coming into the homes of residents, some people are making it easy to store gasoline in their homes instead of taking safety measures.

7. Improper handling of small fire sources. If some people like to lie on the bed or sofa to smoke, especially after drinking, the smoke is not finished, the person has fallen asleep, cigarette end easy to burn the bedding.

Children play with fire or set off firecrackers.

9. Use combustible materials to build up randomly and then connect wires, which can lead to fire.

10. Heavy security, light fire protection. If the Windows are equipped with anti-theft guardrails, the residential area will be equipped with railings, which can prevent the fire from escaping and the fire channel is not free.



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