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How to strengthen the hazards and prevention measures of fire in public places

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With the development of social economy, all kinds of public places, especially shopping malls, markets, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools and entertainment venues. In the high concentration of people in these places, it is easy to find out that the fire is not timely and can easily result in casualties. The staff of the fire control automatic alarm equipment reminded everyone to strengthen the prevention of fire in the public gathering place, and resolutely control the accident of the injury.

1. Reasons for the occurrence of fire in public places:

In November 2001, a fire broke out in Shanghai's teachers' building, and the fire was found not in time because of the spread of fire from polyurethane foam, which killed 58 people. Shanghai business school dormitories for students with "hot" soon led to the circuit fault makes around fuel ignition, and found not in time, wait until consciousness has been unable to escape, then the four students dormitory balcony escape, died on the spot. It spawned years of tragic campus accidents. These accidents have resulted in the loss of human life and property.

2. Characteristics of fire occurrence in public places:

(1) large casualties:

The facilities of many places and buildings are not standardized and the fire equipment is not perfect. Coupled with the lack of necessary escape training, there was a great deal of irretrievable accident. For example, several girls from the Shanghai business school jumped off the balcony and died on the spot. This incident shows lack of certain safety knowledge and fire awareness.

(2) the huge loss of property, along with our country accelerate the development of economic construction, the scale of development of public gathering places, shopping, entertainment, catering, accommodation and comprehensive of the high-rise buildings, underground engineering is getting stronger and stronger. These buildings are expensive in addition to decoration and construction, and their products, equipment and articles are also valuable. Once a fire breaks out, it will be irreparable.

(3) public places with people's food, clothing, shelter, and closely related, also related to media and government structure, in the event of a major fire, and will become the focus of the press and government relations, its political influence is far greater than the economic loss.

3. Measures to prevent fire occurrence and reduce disaster losses:

Publicity education and training for public fire. Should be focused on, the fire department fire protection consciousness of the masses to carry out all kinds of fire control knowledge training, such as: the use of the use of fire hydrant, fire alarm, fire escape method and how to help other people's common sense.

4. Make full use of modern fire-fighting technology equipment:

Fire is as far as possible in the smoldering period (not produce flame), timely saves, at an early stage because of the small fire, fire, fire area is not large, it is easy to put out, and then fully use the modern fire alarm equipment preventive measures in advance is easy. It is difficult to adapt to the needs of fire safety without modern fire-fighting technology facilities.

In the independent type fire detection alarm system for different occasions and USES joint fire corps has developed a kind of wireless fire alarm system, this system mainly by the smoke/temperature detector, networking platform, sound and light alarm, gateway, etc; It has been proved that these modern fire-fighting facilities provide a good platform for the successful fire fighting and control of the occurrence of large fires.



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