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Fireproof knowledge, long tai teaches you to know fire retardant paint

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In winter, dry dry matter is prone to fire, and various heating facilities in the family begin to "work on duty" to prevent the occurrence of family fires. Since November, fire brigade has launched various fire prevention propaganda measures, such as fire prevention consultation desk in the community, to improve the fire prevention awareness of the general public. In December, fire brigade joint neighborhood committee, property and other units, fire prevention knowledge in the propaganda window of the district. So far, there have been more than 30 community propaganda Windows posted fire protection knowledge.

It is understood that this activity fire brigade to launch the neighborhood committee, the property, the volunteers to display fire prevention knowledge to the propaganda window of each district. Fire prevention knowledge includes family fire prevention knowledge, electric stove, electric blanket, electric iron, etc., to avoid the fire caused by the aging of the line and the damage caused by the frequent handling of the wires; Don't throw cigarette butts around, especially if you have more flammable substances like the kitchen. Setting off fireworks and firecrackers should be used to properly discharge the method. After setting off, the site should be inspected and cleaned up to eliminate the risk of fire. In winter, it is strictly forbidden to use gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and other combustible materials to heat the fire. No combustible materials should be piled around the stove, and the heating equipment should not be used to bake clothes. Fire prevention content also has years, family fire related cases, fireproof cartoons and so on.

In modern home outfit, the use of all kinds of flammable material is more and more common, good fire prevention work appears very important. Fire retardant coating is used for coating the substrate surface, reducing the flammability of the coated surface and the rapid spread of the fire, which can be used to improve the refractory limit of the coating. Fire retardant coating has better protection for the base material, suitable for use in the kitchen and other visible fire, such as the installation of wooden ark, floor, etc. In case of fire, fire retardant paint can win time for fire fighting and evacuation.

Understand starting from the basic composition of fire retardant coating, fire retardant coating fireproof paint is a basic material (i.e., film-forming substances), fire retardant additives, pigments, ordinary coatings auxiliaries and composed of coating components such as dispersion medium. In addition to the fire proofing auxiliaries, the other coating components in the paint are the same as in the ordinary coating, but there are special requirements in performance and dosage.

Some fire retardant coating solvent can take place in case of fire burning before construction, fire retardant coating is in the flammable liquid solvents in combustion, and basic material of fire retardant coating, fire retardant additives such as material will not burn. Because of the solvent - based fireproof paint with organic solvents, these fire-resistant coatings can easily cause fire if they leak out of the bucket. The fire retardant coating on the base material can be used to prevent fire and heat insulation only after the solvent evaporates.

In the development and use of fire retardant coating, it is necessary to comply with certain specification requirements. The steel structure fire retardant coating is in accordance with gb14907-2002, and the decorative surface type fire retardant coating follows the standard of GB12441-2005.

Conforms to the standards set by fire-retardant coating, all can be used to protect the steel structure to improve its refractory limit, fire-retardant coating and basic standards of testing methods and testing the layer properties must also according to the provisions, should be used in the manufacture of raw materials of fire retardant coating inspection in advance, shall not be used asbestos material benzene kind solvent paint, fire protection coatings available spray, wipe, roller coating, coating or brush method of any one or more methods, such as convenient construction and can be cured in usually dry in the natural environment.

After one or two slow tu is able to meet the requirements of thickness and can reduce the viscosity of paint to get thinner coating to ensure uniform color, choose excellent dispersant and pigment filler dispersion grinding to small degree, the addition of quartz powder can ensure coating has strong wear resistance, the polyamide curing agent appropriate chooses to corrosion products.

Should the alkali or alkaline, fire retardant coating composite coating should be supporting each other, the underlying coating should be able to as the common anti-rust paint, coating work should not be after excitant gas, generally do not produce smoke during burning and gas harmful to human health.



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