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Six summer prevention office fires

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Summer temperatures are rising and electricity consumption is increasing everywhere. The fire safety work in the office area can not be ignored, must check the main points frequently, eliminate fire danger in time.

1.Never overload electricity. Because office area electric appliance multi-purpose socket power supply, avoid the use of electric appliance too much, lest cause socket, plug engage in bad heat to fire, try not to use electric kettle and other big power electric appliance.

2. Avoid turning the power to combustible. Portable electrical appliances generally have small volume, poor heat dissipation, easy to generate spontaneous combustion accidents, and should stay away from the tabletop, tablecloth and other combustible objects, and check the temperature at any time.

3. Do not allow electrical appliances to be idle for a long time, otherwise, it is easy to cause electrical damage or fire. In addition, cell phone, camera and other battery charging time cannot be too long, should unplug the equipment that is in charge after work.

4. After work, you should unplug the water fountain, electric fan, air conditioner, etc., or turn off the power switch, which is safe and saves electricity.

After five, smoke to put out cigarette butts in time, don't leave without being put out the cigarette butts thrown into the wastepaper basket (here to remind, Beijing since June 1, a new control rules, office area can't smoking).

6. Keep the fire safety evacuation passageway unblocked in the office area, and be familiar with the safe exit position and escape route.



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