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Longtai fire warning: keep good use of electricity to avoid fire hazards

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As temperatures continue to rise, household electricity consumption is starting to rise rapidly, and some habitual use of electricity may hide a lot of safety hazards.

A fire broke out in a home in jinyun county of lishui city, zhejiang province, and the computer, air conditioner and other electrical appliances were burnt down, but no casualties were reported. A local fire department investigation found that the fire was caused by a long battery charge that caused a short circuit. According to the fire department statistics, in the annual fire accident, the electric clap caused by the majority of fire, such as short circuit, bad contact, breaking, leakage and so on. It is easy to cause this type of electrical circuit failure when the charger is not pulled.

It is known that many people sleep at night when they are used to charging their mobile phone on the charger all night, thinking it is convenient and time-saving, but do not know that there is a big fire danger. Jinyun power sector staff explained that long time to charge their phone, mobile phone of voltage and current will cause instability, a strong impact on the cell phone battery, electrical wiring short circuit caused fire.

The jinyun fire departments to remind: devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, storage battery charging, try not to sleep during the night or when no one is present, and it is important to note that far away from flammable items. When the charging voltage is unstable (especially at a low voltage of 3 to 5), the device can ignite spontaneously.

In addition, there are many bad electrical habits that can lead to great security risks. For example, use of the appliance to continuously turn on power, use inferior electric appliance, use high power electric appliance, thunderstorm weather continuously open power supply and so on bad electricity habit, often can cause fire accident. To this end, the fire department to remind the general public, should develop with the electric power off and remove the good habit of plug, use regular equipment manufacturer production of household appliances, expired, extended equipment should be eliminated in time, not to be able to use, loathe to give up discarded scrap, "he said.



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